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4 Outdoor Activities That Can Be Enjoyed In Every Season


The height of summer can encourage individuals to feel like anything is possible, motivating them to pick up surfing or rock climbing, even to take an adventure to a new location. When it comes to winter, much of this gumption can be lost as the landscape becomes more challenging and less hospitable for many activities. For those who love the outdoors and revel in nature, this period can be disheartening.

Hibernating for the season, however, isn’t a necessity. In fact, there are a great many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in every season. Some adapt to the colder weather, occasionally with the assistance of a few accessories, while others actually have their own merits when embarked upon during the winter season.

To show you what we mean, as well as give you inspiration for a new outdoor adventure, we’re sharing four of the best outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in every season.

Bird Watching

During 2020, there was a significant uptake in birdwatching. Partly motivated by online influencers, this sudden interest in finding and identifying birds gave many the escape they needed during a difficult time. Now, birdwatching is no longer being associated with the elderly and is, in fact, enjoyed by many.

One of the best qualities of this hobby is that it can be embraced all year round. In fact, those who are willing to put themselves in a variety of climates and landscapes will find birds that many others rarely see.


Another activity that has seen recent and significant growth in popularity is swimming, specifically, wild swimming. An increasing number of individuals and groups have set out to explore the UK and find the most serene and exciting bodies of water, sharing their favourites with local groups.

For those who are willing to take the plunge, there is also cold water swimming, with many actively embracing the winter period as a new adventure for their aquatic hobby.


If you want to enjoy the water without necessarily jumping in, paddleboarding might be for you. Alongside relaxing paddles during the summer, the winter is also a great time to enjoy this hobby, with many seafronts and lakes actually becoming quieter outside of the summer, making it not only more enjoyable but suitable for beginners who are looking to find their feet (and balance!).

Just remember that a paddleboard requires upkeep to remain comfortable and sturdy, which is why you should keep your board safe in different ways during the year, accounting for both the heat and cold.

Hiking, or Rambling

Hiking is a brilliant way to explore the country, immerse oneself in nature, and learn more about the diverse environments the UK has to offer. Generally, hiking is considered to be an activity with a purpose, while ‘rambling’ is one that is approached without direction or, occasionally, even a trail. Both can be fun but it is recommended that first-timers bring along someone with a little experience to share.

Hiking during the winter period is safe and fun, promising that walkers are wrapped up and, preferably, bring along a hot drink. There is also the added benefit of getting to see the same location in different seasons, giving individuals and groups greater encouragement to get outdoors all year round.

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