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7 Fun Canoe Games On The Water


Kayaking and canoeing in the UK may be a lot of fun on their own. However, if you plan on spending the entire day on the water, enjoying a couple of kayak and canoe activities in your back pocket can provide some friendly rivalry.

Playing these games while canoeing can lead to improved paddling and manoeuvring skills, as well as enhanced collaboration, trust, leadership, and communication all while enjoying the exhilaration of the activity. Games also improve one’s observing and concentration skills, which are necessary for canoeing. However, given the varying proficiencies, health conditions, and ages of the individuals with you, it’s crucial to think about how competitive, cooperative, or creative the games should be.

Below is a list of games that you can do while canoeing.

  • Treasure hunt

This game is played in teams, and there can be an unlimited number of teams. A team should comprise 4 players. The teams will get one clue at a time to locate the treasures.

A selected coach will have a number of clues for each team to follow in order to locate a “prize” that has been deliberately placed for every team to find. The instructor stands at a dock where teams must dock to obtain each hint before launching to locate the riches.

  • Canoeing Basketball

Two teams are needed to play this game, Players will have to canoe around a defined perimeter, shooting balls into the opposing team’s basket or the canoe’s hull. Teams can use many balls and try to score as many times as they can under a given time limit. Alternatively, the game can be won by the first team to score. The number of teams may have an impact on this.

  • Canoe Frisbee Football

The game comprises two teams with 3-5 paddlers each who will compete against each other. Before the game can begin, a defined play area must be established. By advancing the frisbee across the “field” of play, each team will need to try to reach the endzone.

  • Race to a dozen

This game consists of having the leader assign obstacles that put paddlers’ talents and teamwork to the test. The leader can give any challenge, and certain challenges may include skill tests such as turning the boat in a circle, paddling to a specific landmark, re-entering the water, and so on.

A point is awarded to the first team to accomplish each challenge. The side with the most points (twelve) wins.

  • Scenery sums

This game is a spin-off of the classic “I Spy” game which is popular on road trips. It’s a great game to play among larger paddle parties and requires no additional equipment. Choose an object that you notice frequently along the shores of the stream you’re paddling along to play this game. Fish, birds, and certain tree species are good examples.

  • Gunwale bobbing

For hot days, this is a fantastic kayak and canoe game! It also has a larger level of risk than some of the other games, so just be sure to read up on safety advice before playing this one.

The technique known as “gunwale bobbing” or “gunwaling” allows a canoe to be propelled without the use of a paddle. The canoeist stands on the gunwales towards the bow or stern and squats up and down, causing the canoe to rock back and forth. This game is played in a kayak or canoe with two players.

  • Leapfrog

LeapFrog is a basic game that emphasizes vessel control, paddling, and training. As everyone paddles, the team will form a single line, with every kayak or canoe lined up bow to stern in the water. To become the new leader, the paddler in the back of the group will navigate their way to the front.

Whenever the new leader takes the lead, the paddler in the back of the group will begin to move forward. Everyone should get a turn at paddling towards the front of the group and leading the group.

These canoe games are fun for people of all ages and will help paddlers become more comfortable in a canoe, practice their strokes, and overcome their fears without even realizing it. Canoeing has long been a popular hobby among adults, but young people are now taking up the sport as well. With all of the pressures of academics or work, it is important for people to engage in pleasurable and calming activities, and canoeing is one of the best places to start.

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