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Luggage Storage in London Increase Eases While Traveling


The luggage storage facility was first commenced in European nations like Netherlands and Denmark. But as the world emerged as a global village and traveling became convenient like never before, such facilities are available all through the UK. These safe storage places have revolutionized the traveling experience. If you plan to take a connecting train from Edinburgh to Paris with nearly twenty-four hours to spare in King Cross station, then it is a good idea to stack your baggage in a cloakroom. Dragging your baggage all through the alleys and London`s highway is irksome and sometimes impossible. Many tourist spots will not allow entry with that bulky suitcases and rucksacks. Having a safe storage place for baggage and picking it up later is the most feasible solution.

Feasible solution 

Luggage Storage London located at King Cross railway station at platform number nine is the safest and most convenient solution. There are several cafes and restaurants around the place for refreshment, and if you want solace, you can visit British Library. The fee for storage is minimal, around Pound five per day, but to avail of the service, you need to book beforehand. Luggage storage facilities are boon to many travelers who want to kill time during an expedition. You may stock up your suitcase and bags in hotels, to a fellow traveler, or in the trunk of a rental car, but it lacks the most prominent element; security.

Safety is priority 

Keeping your baggage in an open space or in the custody of an unknown person invites a lot of trouble, as valuables can be looted or lost. While traveling in a foreign land, it is not advisable to store your baggage in an unsafe place. Some hotels offer to store your baggage in a safe place in lieu of a fee, but the number of such hotels is limited. There can be corrupt employees who can be suspicious about luggage. In the occurrence of such an incident, you can file a case for damage or loss, but to get the remedy, you need to spend resources and time.

Information desk

You will get all relevant information about luggage storage in and around London from the information desk at the airport or railway station. They will read out all the available options and choose the one that suits you most. You will get all the necessary information about in-house lockers for rent, left baggage services, and hotels that accommodate your baggage for a fee. They will provide the contact details of the service providers or call on your behalf.

In Heathrow Airport

Luggage storage London facility is also available at Heathrow, Gatwick, and Luton airports. There is a storage facility in terminal2 at Heathrow airport that functions from 5a.m to 11 p.m. Pound 7.5 per item is charged if you keep the baggage for three hours, Pound 12.5 per item for three to twenty-four hours, Pound 20 per item for twenty-four to forty-eight hours, Pound 27.50per item for forty-eight to seventy-two hours, and Pound five for each further twenty- four hours after seventy-two hours. You can store tons of luggage in a safe place while transiting in London. You can go sightseeing, attend meetings, shop, or venture into a café without dragging that heavy baggage.

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