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Unveiling the Top 10 Luxurious Hotels in the Middle East


If you want to stay in Luxurious Middle Eastern hotels, first of all, you need to get information from them. This is why we decided to write an article about Luxurious Hotels in the Middle East. So if this information helps you to have a better journey, follow us until the end of the article.

Features of luxury hotels

Before starting to introduce luxury hotels, it is better to talk about the characteristics of these places. In the following list, we mention 10 properties of the best hotels:

  • perfect Design
  • Spacious rooms
  • Best services
  • Central location
  • High Privacy and Security
  • Free breakfast
  • Best views
  • Attention to customer services
  • Equipped with a restaurant, sports room, etc.
  • Clean and sanitary

Introduction to Luxurious Middle East Hotels

If you search on Google, you will Find Middle East’s luxury hotel insights on Yiata’s blog. In this resource, there are 10 hotels which have all features that we mentioned them in last heading:

  • Anantara Mina
  • Mandarin Oriental
  • Jaz Asteria Beach
  • Kalba Hotel
  • LUX Al Bridi Resort
  • Six Senses Residences The Palm
  • Rove Marjan Island
  • Raffles Jeddah
  • Al Hamra Palace Jeddah
  • Aman Resorts AlUla

Anantara Mina

Anantara Mina is an Arab hotel which has 174 rooms. This place has a lot of options such as kids’ club, Water Park, restaurant etc. the location of Anantara Mina is Ras Al Khaimah, UAE and the year that hotel was built is 2024.

Mandarin Oriental, Wasl Tower

Mandarin Oriental is in Wasl tower which is located at Dobie. This hotel is super luxury and contains 229 residential units, 258 hotel rooms, 185,345 square feet of office space, and 11 parking floors, this 64-storey hotel spans 1.8 million square feet. Name of Mandarin Oriental is in the list of Luxurious Middle East Hotels. So if you need a luxury stay, Mandarin Oriental is the best choice.

Jaz Asteria Beach

Are you looking for an experience unparalleled for your family? Do you want to stay in a 5 star hotel? Jaz Asteria Beach is your answer. This hotel has 633 rooms, lavish pools, and exquisite dining.

The year that Jaz Asteria Beach hotel was built is May 2024. This hotel is 27 kilometers from Hurghada International Airport. That means the location of the hotel is perfect and you don’t have to spend money for transportation.

Kalba Hotel

The best point about Kalba is the view of this hotel. This hotel is part of the Autograph Collection (a boutique gem within the Kalba Waterfront project). If you reserve a room in Kalba, you will see Arabian Sea as your view.

LUX Al Bridi Resort

LUX Al Bridi Resort is another Luxurious Middle East Hotels. This hotel has 45 different rooms such as one bedroom havens, 3 bedroom suites for group explorations, and an opulent royal suite. LUX Al Bridi Resort has a perfect view and services. So if you are looking for a perfect hotel, we advise you to choose LUX Al Bridi Resort.

Six Senses Residences the Palm

Do you like to stay in hotels with sea views? Are you looking for a hotel with LEED certified? Well… your answer is Six Senses Residences the Palm in Dubai. This hotel has 162 rooms with perfect services. Name of this hotel is in the list of Luxurious Middle East Hotels.

Rove Marjan Island

Rove Marjan Island is a modern hotel which provides a spectrum of activities, including water sports, hiking, and biking. This hotel has 441 rooms and it is perfect for luxury travels.

Raffles Jeddah

Raffles Jeddah is another modern hotel which has a pool, a spa, and signature dining. This hotel is famous because of its food. So if you are a food lover, it is good for you to book Raffles Jeddah hotel.

Al Hamra Palace Jeddah

In the list of Luxurious Middle East Hotels, you will see Al Hamra Palace Jeddah too. This hotel has palace suites and luxurious villas. It means that its glory level is high. Al Hamra Palace has places such as 6 spa suites, 6 restaurants, and event spaces.

Aman Resorts AlUla

Aman Resorts AIUIa is a hotel with three distinct properties. This hotel is super luxury and has a perfect and beautiful design. Each property of Aman Resorts AIUIa, offers a unique experience amidst the rich cultural heritage. Booking Aman Resorts AIUIa hotel, can make the best memories for you and your family.

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If you are going to get information about Luxurious Middle Eastern hotels, it is better to use the Yiata website or mobile app. If you visit this platform blog, you will see 10 hotels that are famous and luxurious in the Middle East.

The names of these Luxurious Hotels are Anantara Mina, Mandarin Oriental, Jaz Asteria Beach, Kalba Hotel, LUX Al Bridi Resort, Six Senses Residences the Palm, Rove Marjan Island, Raffles Jeddah, Al Hamra Palace Jeddah, and Aman Resorts AlUla.

All these hotels have features of luxury hotels. Some of them are perfect Design, Spacious rooms, Best services, Central location, High Privacy, and Security, Free breakfast, Best views, Attention to the customer, services Equipped with a restaurant, sports room, etc. Clean and sanitary.

Finally, we should say that if you need to know more about Luxurious Middle East Hotels, use Yiata’s blog and its perfect services. With this platform, you can save more money on travels.

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