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What Is the Itinerary for a Danube River Cruise?


Cruise lines around the globe offer guests a chance to travel to some of the most stunning locations on the planet. Different waterways take cruise-goers to unique destinations, each offering a wide range of exciting activities, foods and wines, music, cultural events, historic sights, and more. The slow pace of a cruise allows tourists to take in the beauty of each location, with optional guided tours enhancing the experience by delving into the history and culture of each town, city, and country along the route.

European river cruises are some of the most famous cruises in the world, offering visitors a chance to see some of the most beautiful locations in Europe. Rivers like Rhine, Rhone, Danube, Main, Seine, and others offer stunning sights from Austria, Germany, France, Czech Republic, and more. Choosing pre-made itineraries is a great way to explore the best of each travel destination without having to worry about your upcoming plans. Each itinerary is an expertly curated collection of fine tourist experiences, allowing you to make the most of your journey.

Danube River Cruises

The Danube River is one of the largest rivers in the world, spanning an area of over 300,000 miles and crossing through 19 countries. The river flows through stunning European cities like Budapest, Prague, Vienna, Munich, and more. The traveling experience is made more enjoyable by the first-class, luxurious amenities featured in cruise vessels that offer these trips.

Viking River Cruises

The Viking River Cruises for the Danube River itineraries for 2022 and 2023 offer unique 8-day cruise journeys that take you from Budapest, Hungary, to Passau, Germany, visiting beautiful cities like Bratislava, Vienna, Krims, and Linz along the way. The itineraries are designed to take you through some of the most famous hot springs in Budapest, with the following days taking you to famous dancing schools in Vienna, authentic wineries in Germany, and Baroque abbeys in Kremz. Cruise-goers also have a choice to opt for the reverse itinerary, which takes them from Passau, Germany, to Budapest, Hungary, with all the intermediary destinations also taking a reverse course.

Scenic River Cruises

The Scenic River Cruises for the Danube River itinerary begins in one of the most culturally stimulating and historically rich cities, Budapest, and takes you to the home of classical music, Vienna, where you can treat your ears to a mesmerizing classical music concert. The cruise then goes to Durnstein with the finest wine region in Europe, where guests can indulge in premium wine tasting and tour the surrounding valley for incredible views. The tour culminates in a visit to Nuremberg, Germany, which is a great place to delve into the history of the country and learn about its culture and traditions.

Uniworld River Cruises

This Uniworld River Cruises itinerary is perfect for those who want to experience the best that the Danube river has to offer. The VIP experience takes guests on a luxurious journey through the heart of Europe, taking them from Budapest, Hungary, to Passau, Germany. Cruise guests will be able to visit exciting locations like Bratislava, Vienna, Salzburg, Melk, Linz, and Durnstein before rolling down its sails in Passau. Guests can also get access to a reverse itinerary that starts in Passau and ends in Budapest, as per their traveling preferences.


With three distinct cruise options available for a Danube River cruise, Authentic Voyages is the ideal cruise service to choose for your next family vacation or solo retreat. No matter what service or itinerary you choose, you can be sure to experience one of the most luxurious cruise journeys anywhere in the world.

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