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Staycationing in London on a budget: 10 silly mistakes to avoid


The spectacularism that is London should be seen and experienced by everyone – regardless of wealth and financial status. England’s dazzling capital has something for everyone (no really, we mean it) and therefore everyone deserves the opportunity to visit.

London attracts around 30 million visitors from around the world every year, and it should be on your staycation list, too. If you are a little money-conscious, that’s okay. We’ve put together 10 silly mistakes to avoid when staycationing in London on a budget.

Plan your trip inside and out

When visiting London on a tight budget and schedule, there’s not much room for spontaneity. This might sound a little boring, but in fact, planning your trip inside and out will ensure that you stay within your financial meansand you get to do and see everything you set out to. Make a priority list and do some research online in terms of ticket prices and nearby food and drink options, and subtract it from your overall budget.

Shop around before committing to a hotel

A popular tourist destination, London boasts thousands of hotels that all promise to give you the experience you desire. Instead of dropping a heart-wrenching wedge of cash on the first room you find online, do some research to ensure you choose a 4 star hotel in London that’s affordable. It’s out there, and it’s yours for the taking!

Look out for the ‘free’ activities

London is notoriously expensive, we get it. What many people don’t know, however, is that there are plenty of activities to do that are free! From the Natural History Museum to Hyde Park, your day could be very well spent while your money, well, isn’t. The best way to ensure you stay within budget is to not fork out any money at all…

Secure discounts in advance of visiting

Remember earlier we pointed out the importance of planning in advance? Well, here’s another brilliant reason why you should have a game plan in mind before you enter the capital: you’ll be able to secure discounts in advance! Some careful research online will deliver a multitude of ways you can save money on your desired activities, such as booking online or by downloading a discount card.

Stick to public transport

At least one ride in London’s iconic black cab is a ‘must’ in order to enjoy the full experience, but don’t overdo it – your bank account will thank you for it. Instead, make use of the capital’s awe-inspiring public transport links to get from A to B!  If you plan your week in advance and know for sure you’ll stay loyal to the tubes and buses, purchasing a weekly ticket could save you a few pennies.

Consider areas beyond the city centre

There’s so much to see and do in Central London, it’s true, but not many people consider what’s beyond the city centre. If you want to see the real London and enjoy the explosion of culture the real-life locals, grab your weekly ticket and tube hop through Shoreditch, Greenwich, and Hampstead.

Maxy Ozzy
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