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5 Essential Accessories For Enjoying Watersports This Christmas


Enjoying your favourite watersport all year round can be a challenge, especially when it comes to the festive season. Cold winds and chilling waters make it not only more difficult to take pleasure when jumping into the sea but they can also change the safety dynamic of many activities, especially when the temperatures are particularly low and there’s ice afoot.

Thankfully, however, there are a number of accessories that can help to keep you going all through the winter season. These five items are essential for watersports enthusiasts, whether you’re a wild swimmer or a keen surfer. And, if you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift to help your friend or family member keep their favourite watersport going all through the festive season, then look no further.

Neoprene Gloves

Even with a thick wetsuit, exposed hands can quickly drive watersports enthusiasts out of the water. Just like wetsuits, waterproof gloves that are made from neoprene, which is the same material as most wetsuits are manufactured from, are available in a variety of thicknesses. They work to prevent chills from excessively affecting the faculty of hands while ensuring a safe degree of grip so that boards and equipment can be held onto with ease.

Wetsuit Booties

By the same token, feet must also be considered. Making sure they stay warm when submerged is just as important but there is also a second factor to consider. Those walking through new bodies of water or wading out to sea during a low tide may find themselves having to navigate uneven, rocky surfaces. This is why wetsuit booties are essential, and generally preferred, for those seeking to keep up the practice of their favourite activities through winter.

Changing Robe

Revelling in a watersport is one thing but the transition from wet to dry is another challenge altogether! During the colder months, one must ensure that they are well-prepared to help their body keep warm and dry when emerging from wild waters, especially if they are to change their outfit or gear too. Changing robes are designed for exactly this, helping to make the process of leaving the water quicker and easier, eliminating excessive time spent exposed to cold air.

Insulated Bottle

Hydration is just as important on a cold day as it is during summer. Taking along a warming drink to a paddleboard session or afternoon of wild swimming can be a huge support, helping individuals to maintain their core body temperature, nutrition, and hydration. A high-quality bottle will ensure that contents are kept warm through the lowest external temperatures, keeping an oasis of hot tea or soup ready to remedy a chilly adventurer.

Visibility Accessory

As is often the case during cold weather, grey skies and fog are abound. This is why, even more so than during summer, having a brightly coloured, visible accessory is important during winter. This could be a luminous tow float or simply a lurid woolly hat. Whatever you choose, it will help to support your own safety during bleaker days, as well as that of your own accessories. Floating keyrings and waterproof bag covers can also be a useful addition and having them brightly coloured is only ever to be useful!

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