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The Best Dog-Friendly Activities in Virginia Beach


Virginia Beach is a tourism and vacation hotspot, but it’s so much more than hot spots for humans!  If you come to town with your furry best friend, you won’t have to leave them at the hotel all day!  Instead, dogs are welcome at Virginia Beach!

These are some of the best places to check out when visiting with your pup, and how to pack for the occasion!

Mount Trashmore Park

Repurposing what was once a landfill, Mount Trashmore Park is a fantastic park with countless things to do and even a fenced area where your dog can run around and burn off some energy.  Although it was once a landfill, it’s now a gorgeous piece of land that will keep you inspired and excited to see more.

Salem Woods Park

This park is the most classic one on this list!  Salem woods park is a gorgeous plot of land full of endless tall, beautiful trees.  Countless benches and seating areas ensure you can stop and take a rest with your buddy at any time, and the endless number of trails ensure you’ll never run out of new paths to take.  This is a fun trip for owners and pets alike!

First Landing State Park Beach

When you’re done checking out apartments for rent in Virginia Beach, it’s time to stop and enjoy the sun and sand!  First Landing State Park Beach is an incredible beach full of endless sand and fun waves.  Although like every beach and public space on this list, you’ll need to have your dog on a leash, it’s still an exciting and fun way to spend time with your furry companion.

Marshview Park

Marshview Park is on the north side of Virginia Beach, away from the actual beaches and deep in the lush green marshes of Virginia.  This land is beautiful, offering tons of shade and sweet, refreshing air you’ll want to spend days in.  This is a great place to go if you’re worried about your dog trying to drink too much salt water.  The freshwater here is safe, and there are tons of green areas you can explore and enjoy staying out of the heat in.

What to Pack for Your Pup

When packing for your dog, it’s important that you have everything available that they’d need while you’re at home!  This means bowls, waste bags, food, any medication, a harness, a collar, and a leash.  If your dog is hairless, you may also want to pack sunscreen to help protect its skin, depending on the breed.

It’s a good idea to make sure your dog is up to date on all of their shots before you take them anywhere and that you have documentation that shows that.  If you’re traveling by car, make sure to take frequent breaks, so they don’t feel motion sick or ill from being jostled around!

Every Outing Can Be Fun With Dogs in Tow

Our dogs are our best companions throughout life, so it’s only natural that we’d want to take them on every adventure with us.  If you’re ready to cut loose and have fun, consider going to Virginia Beach and enjoying these activities together!

Maxy Ozzy
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